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In this disrupted and dis-intermediated world the industry needs to understand that we can only make changes for a better world by leading from the forefront and creating authentic and meaningful connections with consumers to do better for the environment. Every year, Cannes Lions explores the value of creativity in the current climate, "85% of respondents said that creativity centred around sustainability is either critical or very important to business today". With this in mind I created ways for Advertising executives and Do-gooders to collaborate and progressively change the way we make and market. Cannes Lions is where you find a one-of-a-kind experiences to learn, network and celebrate. Let's start today...


Develop a creative concept with inclusive brand space that integrates the TikTok creator community (400 people).

Educate the TikTok business and marketing products with a hands-on experience that's entertaining for clients and creative agency's. 
Real content and inspirational activations for all generations, that brings joy for everyone.


Showcase TikTok products.

Create spaces that excite and invite people to get involved, including panel discussions and live entertainment.

Budget £500k.


ROLE Strategy Creative Director

AGENCY Pitch Work 

MEDIA Creative Strategy / Branding and Digital Design / Social Engagement / Interactive Environment

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