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GET INSIDE AND EXPLORE GALAXY. I creatively lead the ideation of this experiential approach to brief media on the key features of the S10, through innovative product demos and hands-on experiences.

Creating and designing the ‘look and feel’ and product displays without any ATL influence due to the short deadline of the launch.
These included a mirrored Infinity Booth with multicolour LED lighting to showcase the camera modes and a Magnetic PowerShare demo to visually represent the electromagnetic transfer of the S10’s Power Share function. 


The wider environment was created using bold colour blocking and styled dressing, both reflective of the devices key colours to create the perfect backdrop for press content capture, reviews and interviews.


ROLE Creative Director / Designer / Copywriter


MEDIA Branding / Content / Experiential

RESULTS The first presentation to Samsung was so on point we had the hero concept and several key demonstration sign off that day. Following the event over 800 articles where written that week. Requests to repurpose the designs and activations for future launchies. 

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