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Drive a 360 relaunch and convert new buyers in the UK that OATIBIX is the healthiest, tastiest fastest breakfast cereal to start your day. 

Why should they believe this? Everyday oat goodness that gives you the advantage. 

How do you stand out from the competition? Improved New Recipe and it’s faster to make than porridge. 

What do we want them to do? Try OATIBIX at least once in 2022 because they think of OATIBIX as a healthy way to start their day and get it on their daily shopping list.


Creative research showed the hurdles in converting the target buyers. This became my strategy structure in answering the brief:

Brand awareness has been stagnant at 48%.  

Not as healthy & natural as other oat based cereals - processed, suspicions on what’s added and not rolled oats. 

Amber on FAT (OK for active people) SUGAR is worse.

More expensive that natural competitors.

ROLE Creative Director

AGENCY Delta Group

MEDIA Gondola End / In-store Activations / Shopper Journey 

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