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This global launch was directed into three core audiences — dealers, customers and prospects.
Rolls-Royce cars are designed with such ‘Power’, ‘Style’ and ‘Drama’ that a creative space becomes incidental.


I sourced my information from the Rolls-Royce brand book - Insight “When a Rolls-Royce drives by, the world stands still” and took myself to experience what its’ like to drive a RR and talk directly to the Rolls-Royce dealers. The moment I stepped into the showroom, I was going to experience something unique… getting close and put into the driver seat of the RR I was captivated… and my rational came clear and I was ready to create the unexpected for the RR audience.


Thus, creating THAT moment in time when the world DOES stands still. It represents the immutable ‘Power' and ‘Drama’ of Rolls-Royce ownership.
To celebrate this I’ve created a multi-dimensional way of marking a momentous occasion in automotive history ‘Time Stands Still’.
Using this theme I ‘Styled’ standout moments for the audience to be captivated all the way until the Rolls-Royce got revealed.


ROLE Creative Director


MEDIA Content / Experiential / Storyboarding

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