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A Sensorium Virtual Experience. Boursin recognised that awareness of its flavours and formats was relatively low. The brand wanted to engage a new generation of fans, increasing Boursin’s relevance to consumers’ everyday lives without losing its luxury status. I was ask to help create an experiential roadshow as the ideal campaign.

This sensorium combined live multi-sensory experiences to fully immerse consumers, who found themselves flying through the inside of a fridge, past carefully chosen ingredients to enhance the other Boursin Range. Oculus Rift VR headsets and CGI animation were combined with a sound track, moving chairs, cool air, scented fans and product tasting experience. The reactions of every individual participating in the VR experience were filmed in six-second clips for easy sharing on social media using the hashtag #BoursinSensorium.

The live activity was backed by influencer relations with lifestyle and food bloggers and targeted digital activity on paid-media. To extend the experience, a special photo-booth also captured fun shots of people inside the fridge surrounded by more Boursin ingredients. Sample the virtual experience here:

ROLE Creative Consultant


MEDIA Content / Experiential / VR

RESULTS 98% of those asked recalled the experience 74% said the event had brand and out. Facebook videos had over 450,000 views.

AWARDS UK Event Award: Best Use of Event Technology

Masters of Marketing Award in the Events and Experiential category

Dadi Awards: Best Use of VR.

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