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A sensorium Virtual Experience. The customer journey was to first taste the samples Boursin cheese which activated their senses. Siting comfortably in an interactive chair with the headsets on the magical ride through a food lovers fridge would begin. Packed with the fresh ingredients included in Boursin original recipes. Immerse yourself in these flavours as you soar through herb forests, skip over cranberries, and get up close to the bursting peppercorns. Enhancing this sensation scented ingredients via small blow machines around the customer created wow moments. Unknown to the customers we had set up a camera’s that recorded their personal experience as a keep sake. #BoursinSensorium


Sample the virtual experience here:

ROLE Creative Consultant


MEDIA Content / Experiential / VR

RESULTS 98% of those asked recalled the experience 74% said the event had brand and out. Facebook videos had over 450,000 views.

AWARDS UK Event Award: Best Use of Event Technology

Masters of Marketing Award in the Events and Experiential category

Dadi Awards: Best Use of VR.

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