In a cold, negative, dry, price-driven market, we saw the opportunity to inject some positive emotion into the communications. Teamed with the senior copywriter we thought wouldn’t it be nice to talk or show the things 'we love' rather than shout out insurance facts like all the competitors did? We came up with a fantasy / reality world and script ‘Look after what you love in Life’. To enhance the new corporate identity and make it more personal I created 'The Green Heart' icon.

ROLE Creative Director

AGENCY Designate Brighton

MEDIA Branding / TV / OOH   

RESULTS Pitch Win. Brand awareness went from 0% to 44% within 6 months of the launch. LV= is now the 3rd biggest car insurer and a year quicker than imagined too. LV= has gained over 3 million car customers. 695% Sales growth by 2006-2011. The original idea and green heart icon is still going strong after 13 years.

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