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NIKE asked for a creative director response and set a brief to help grow their sustainable community and drive sales within a new target audience via a digital and physical pop up experience. Campaign theme and key touch points to 'Show & Tell' how the ideas work in a 20 minute presentation.



Gain as much attention and media coverage as possible

Drive traffic to the experience in person and build community online

Think about third parties joining the campaign



Find a suitable space in London to start he Global Campaign 



Summer Holidays (June)


TASK (part of my response)

NIKE have wished the interactive experience to cover 3 key areas:

Social : Informative ways to target the audience and get involved

Physical :  Innovate ways to build smarter for fast and high turnover event

Digital : Immersive ways to engage, educate and capture the customers 


ROLE Creative Director

AGENCY Pitching Ideas

MEDIA Creative Strategy / Social Campaign / Drive footfall / Interactive Pop-up Experience  

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