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Early test drive programme

I strategically wanted to use the youth market to amplify the MINI brand. Using the power of social media to engage and share a campaign message we could select a group of students from Universities throughout Britain to become the MINI ambassadors. Their challenge was ‘Who could complete the most MINI MISSIONS’ (test drives within the 6 weeks) to WIN themselves a MINI for a year and other prizes for the winning University. Given creative freedom I owned the pitch and presentation to MINI. Knowing well if I kept the budget low MINI wouldn't say no.


ROLE Creative Director / Copywriter

AGENCY George P Johnson

MEDIA Branding / Content / Experiential / Social / OOH  

RESULTS Pitch Win (MINI saw this campaign as an opportunity to do more with less). Over 10,000 likes on Facebook. Over 1,000 test drives with a conversion rate of 2% within the first 18 months. MINI used this campaign for four years

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