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A Whole New Species is born.

Teamed with a copywriter we came up with a concept to redefine how we advertise Samsung's LED as a whole new category of TV. We started with the hero product feature... questioning what is LED? A voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photos. OK? The best way we could make this simple for the public viewing was to go back to nature. The jungle environment is so competitive for light to grow what better way to show this product by placing it out of the norm for visual stand out. I then sourced this stunning animation which was a hybrid of nature and technology. Adapting very colourful and vivid plants that have evolved with LED lights as part of their genetic makeup, illustrating the LED TV’s picture quality with RGB plants. Using the flying critter as the object of connection to enlighten and get empowered by the new source of these species of nature. Job done.


ROLE Senior Art Director 

AGENCY Cheil Global

MEDIA Content / Design / Digital / Retail Promotions / Experiential / Social / OOH

RESULTS This concept was embraced by HQ and taken onboard for the global launch



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