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I created a visual journey that connected the launch event with the same message to retail. Transporting our audiences from every day life into a new dimension. They’ll get to understand that Samsung Galaxy S Series is revolutionizing mobile devices. We’ll take them to the very edge of their imagination, inspiring wonder at every touch point from the global launch to drive customer purchase via social media and retail. 


Drive customers to pre-order the NEW Samsung Galaxy at 3rd party retail stores and join the social community for competitions and events.
Building the data base online to capture new followers of the future Galaxy range.

Creating a bespoke app that links with the billboard campaign and other forms of ambient media. Leading with Samsung’s brand ambassadors David Beckham and Lady Gaga to invite the public to ‘Guess the Stars?.’ 


Driving engagement to Samsung’s online community for the first time. We'll invite the audience to share their portrait of a constellation to help build real content for the future global launch roadshow via trade and retail pop-ups.


ROLE Creative Director / Copywriter

AGENCY George P Johnson

MEDIA Branding / Content / Experiential / Promotional / Social / Retail / DOOH   

RESULTS First time we presented an APP as the hero connection between all the mediums to build a brand community.

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