Cisco owned a product called ‘Social Mine’ which monitored and managed online dialogue content. With this information I was able to make social media the ‘heartbeat’ of the entire event and generate a year-round virtual dialogue to support and enhance the live experience and make it global. The creative team and I was then able to create 360 touch points for all communication (apps, branding, digital media and a spectacular ‘Social Media Hub’ using 32,000 LEDs lights to display live information). All data created would be used for future Cisco events.

ROLE Digital Creative Director

AGENCY George P Johnson

MEDIA Content / Digital / Experiential / Social

RESULTS  Attendance went up by 12%. 37.5 million impressions on Twitter. 162 blog mentions and dedicated posts. 1,250 photos and video uploads. Delegates scored the show 4.5 out of 5.

AWARDS European Best Event Awards 2013: Best European Conference. AEO Awards 2013: Best use of Social Media C&IT Excellence. Award 2013: Best Global Congress.